The Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter Packs Some Serious Sweet

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: thinkgeek & uncrate
While weapon-themed toys seem to be the garnering more and more criticism, the Double Barrel Marshmallow shooter ensures that the only negative outcome of your child's fascination with toy-pistols is a possible sugar overload. For as long as children's toys have been in production there has been a steady line of gun-themed gadgets -- BB guns, Super Soakers, NERF, etc. While gun violence-related deaths are a serious issue, the distinction is sometimes be made between child's play and violence. It could be said that firing sugary sweets at one another is no more menacing than playing baseball since the later can often result in broken windows.

The Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter will simultaneously fuel and exhaust a child's playful nature and youthful energy.