The Shanty Storage Cabinet by Doshi Levien is Based on Shelters

 - Mar 28, 2014
References: doshilevien & designboom
Doshi Levien designed this cabinet for BD Barcelona, and his inspiration is certainly different. Levian formed the 'Shanty Storage Cabinet' based on the accommodation in shanty towns from developing countries.

Once onlookers gain this knowledge, it's easy to see the resemblance. The pieces are made from similar metal material used as roofs for shanty towns, and the entire cabinet is put together in a non-uniform kind of way. For variety, the Shanty Storage Cabinets come in two different color palettes, one being a black and white version, and the other featuring a few bright hues. Although the design is inspired by impoverished conditions, the end result still exudes quality and would look great in a children's bedroom. Photo Credits: designboom, doshilevien