This 'Extreme Makeover' Ad Shows One Chip Lover's Extreme Devotion

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: doritos & youtube
Tis' the season again for the annual amateur Doritos Super Bowl Ad contest, and this year competition is tight.

One particularly strong entry is this humorous spot from Israel. It features a plastic surgeon humorously named Dr. Crispin talking enthusiastically to a patient about the surgery he just performed on him. He explained how he made the young man's mouth, ears, eyes and hands all bigger so to better enjoy Doritos. The punchline of the commercial is that post-surgery, the young man actually looks completely normal, but his pre-surgery photo show cartoonishly small features in proportion to his face. His hands, however, are exaggeratedly large, adding to the humor of the ad. The commercial sports very good productions values and practical affects, making it all the more fun to watch.

The amateur Doritos Super Bowl Ad contest is a fantastic showcase of young or indie talent, and gives visibility to some great sketches we might not have otherwise seen, like this humorous piece.