The Black Garlic Doritos Flavor Take Inspiration From Vampire Villains

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: fritolay & foodiggity
The latest Doritos flavor takes inspiration from Halloween ghouls and goblins with a Black Garlic seasoning and an ominous-looking blackened chip. The snack plays off of classic vampiric legends by infusing the chips with garlic flavoring to ward off the characters.

The Black Garlic Doritos are exclusive to Japan throughout the October season. The chips fittingly celebrate Halloween and the popularity of villainous creatures such as vampires by creating a flavor and design that pays tribute to the history of vampires. The chips themselves are black with the quintessential triangular Dorito shape paired with a garlic taste. This is thanks to the myth that vampires can be warded off by the aroma of garlic, allowing consumers to playfully protect themselves during the month of October.