Let Loose and Go Primal With the Doody Head Gaming Set

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: fredflare & incrediblethings
If you've ever wanted to let loose, go primal and throw feces for some reason, you're going to love the Doody Head Gaming Set.

The Doody Head Gaming Set lets you make like a wild monkey and throw crap at your opponent's head. Each person wears a hat that's got a Velcro all over it. Then you're supposed to whip fake swirly poop to try and make it stick to your opponent's head. If you get this, I suggest making a bet in which the loser has to wear the hat the entire day. Added bonus: if you've ever wanted to call someone a you-know-what head, then this is the perfect time to say it and mean it -- literally and metaphorically, of course.