The Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner Speaks the Currency of Cleanliness

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: smokeinmydreams & neatorama
From the man who's known for reproducing priceless paintings in 1$ bills, the Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner sends quite a different message. The use of rolled and sliced American money makes a comment on contemporary values, but instead of underpricing famous artworks, the artist increases the cost of a common household object.

Incorporating the handle and head of a standard sweeping tool, this piece features an exceptional collection of notes where the bristles should be. Fine craftsmanship has resulted in finely feathered quills that look completely capable of pushing dust about on the floor.

Perhaps the Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner is a comment on the way that the wealthy sometimes let money clean up their messes?

Photo Credits: Freshome