The Dolce Vita July 2011 Editorial Takes You on a Hot Vacation

Summer is the ideal time to jet off to a vacation-worthy destination, and the Dolce Vita July 2011 editorial illustrates exactly that.

Model Zuzana Gredecka is the ideal muse for these sultry images. Captured in a pool and on a park bench, Gredecka shows off her long limbs in flowy pieces perfect for the summer heat.

Let the Dolce Vita July 2011 photo shoot whisk you away to a land where all you have to worry about is your next tanning destination.

Implications - Consumers in modern society are looking towards their products for a quick way to escape. Items featuring a vacation-like aesthetic are appealing to those who can't afford to take time off. In order to attract more customers, companies could focus on this desire for more fantastical elements.