Jamie Clauss' Dog Baby Photos Make Fun of Cliche Infant Photoshoots

These dog baby photos by Jamie Clauss and her neighbors Jan and Chase Renegar poke fun at cheesy baby photos by swapping out an infant for a dog.

After wrapping up a newborn baby shoot, Clauss remarked that she wanted more babies to photograph. However, with no babies in sight, the Renegars stepped in with Snuggles, their Jack Russell Terrier. The photos are styled like cliché photos like the ones that compare the sizes of mom, baby and dad's feet, or any one where parents are lovingly gazing at their newborn. Just like a sleepy baby, Snuggles did fall asleep during some of the shoot, which makes the photoshoot just as funny and authentic as it is sweet. Now that the photoshoot has gone viral, there are tons of people who want their babies—and fur babies—photographed by Clauss.