The Naturally Sustaining Dochodo Island Zoo

 - Dec 14, 2009
References: jdsarchitects & greendiary
The next time you feel like a trip to the zoo, you just might end up hopping on a shuttle to the South Korean island of Dochodo. Much like the live 'dinosaur zoo' in the film Jurassic Park, the Dochodo Island zoo will offer a unique visitor experience by supplanting tourists in an all-natural environment.

According to the Dochodo Island zoo's creators, JDS Architects, the island would be a, “region based on sustainable development only, where natures and structures function in equilibrium, symbiotically feeding one another.” The proposed zoo would also be, “low-impact,” meaning that it would use zero-carbon transport systems, renewable energy sources, rainwater collection sites, and waste conversion methods into fertilizer or biofuel.