The DNA Stamper Uses Your Genetic Code to Verify Documents

 - May 2, 2011
References: jamiethoms & yankodesign
The DNA Stamper is an intriguing art installation from Jamie Thoms that asks the question, "How much do you trust others with your DNA?" The DNA Stamper works as a futuristic notary, using your DNA to stamp a consent form.

The DNA Stamper was also designed to verify identities and to acquire tissue samples. While Thoms is intending this to be an eye-opening art project, I can't help but see the real world applications. With an apology to professional notaries, I think this art project, if made functional, would be a great way to verify documents and prevent identity theft. Signatures can be forged and identities can be faked, but you can't fake DNA. Of course, giving up your DNA to a machine willy-nilly isn't the greatest of ideas either...