These Djarum Black Cigarettes are Smooth and Long-Lasting

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: clovecigs & ciggiesworld
Consumers who are looking for cigarettes that have a unique flavor are sure to appreciate Djarum Black's new Cappuccino packs.

The cigarettes come in a rather simplistic package, which features the brand's name in large letters on the front of it in white. The branding is framed in a rectangular black box, which contrasts with the rest of the light brown package. Each pack contains 16 cigarettes, and they run a bit higher in price than most others.

Despite this, consumers are willing to pay for Djarum Black's Cappuccino cigarettes because of their delectably rich flavor, which comes from the select cloves and tobacco that they're made with, along with the smooth coffee flavor that enhances them.