Fold Up Your Keys, Pretend to Hot Wire Your Car

 - Jul 27, 2008
References: instructables & inventorspot
Now you can finally have Swiss Army Keys!  Key rings in pockets jangle announcing arrivals into a room long before the person actually does. They also make holes in pockets. So for handy people, the website “Instructables” has a great DIY project to convert a Leatherman Micra into a Swiss Army Knife style key holder that will tuck all those keys up to silence them and make pockets last longer.

The website shows the step by step instructions as well as the tools you need to make the conversion including a drill and a basic Dremel tool. The multi-tool Leatherman has to be disassembled and the keys which replace the tools have to be filed down to fit. One person showed his picture of how neatly the retooled Leatherman looked in his car ignition.