This DIY Sugru Smartphone Case is Elementary and Effective

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: sugru & unplggd
Many people, myself included, have invested in overpriced mobile phone protectors which often break within the first week of use. This DIY Sugru smartphone case is a clever solution to keeping your cell in one piece, with the simple application of this hacking putty on each corner of the device.

This video describes just how the all-purpose miracle material can be useful for yet another unexpected task. The malleable silicone can be worked between the fingers until it's supple and easily applied to the edges of your handset. If you make sure to smooth it around the back and front plates of your iPhone, you'll end up with a surefire guard if your gadget gets dropped. The corners and faces of your cellphone will be softened of the impact, and the DIY Sugru smartphone case will stay in place so long as you'd left it to harden overnight.