Spruce Up Classic Pearls With This Boho Chic DIY Pearl Necklace Project

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: refinery29
This adorable and fairly simple boho DIY pearl necklace project gives your classic pearls a lovely upgrade.

The items you will need to recreate this look are a pair of scissors, eight jewelry feathers that are ready to be strung, a strand of fake pearls, six plastic teeth and a clear thread. You will need to cut 14 3-inch pieces of the clear thread so that you can thread and attach each of the accessories onto the strand. Beginning in the middle of your necklace, attach and secure each piece into two-inch increments and secure them with a double knot. Add the finishing touches by cutting your feathers about three inches and voila there you have a fabulous new creation.

What's also great about this DIY is that if your not feeling the feathers, there is room for you to get creative and think up another item you would like to add to your DIY pearl necklace.