'Inside the DIY Filmmaker's Toolkit' Gets Things Rolling

 - Nov 19, 2011
References: columnfivemedia
As independent feature films and documentaries continue to rise in popularity, the idea of picking up a camera and making your own flick can be pretty tempting -- but if you're working on a budget, and film school is out of the picture, the 'Inside the DIY Filmmaker's Toolkit' infographic might be just what you need.

While it may seem impossible to achieve believable special effects and sounds in your indie flick, this guide shows how, using a lot of imagination and creativity, you can turn household items like the lid of a toilet tank and a bag of chips into professional-sounding audio effects.

Every Hollywood director has to start somewhere, but with this 'Inside the DIY Filmmaker's Toolkit' guide, your first motion picture can be something to be proud of!