These Faceted DIY Candles are Made Using Old Crayon Wax and Paper Molds

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: crafts.tutsplus & mashable
These DIY candles will make your home feel more festive this holiday season. From Eleanna Kotsikou on tuts+, the geometric candles craft is described as being appropriate for beginners and only taking a short amount of time, but the instructions suggest otherwise.

The DIY candles do offer a lot of room for customization, however. The faceted candles are made using paper cut-outs to create shapes like tetrahedrons, cuboctahedrons and pentagonal antiprism tubes. You can choose the color of the house paint you use to decorate the geometric paper molds as well as the color of crayon wax you pour into them.

The end result makes a wonderful homemade gift for you to give loved ones.