District 6 Designed by M-Style Puts Patrons in the Action

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: designboom
District 6 is a brewery and restaurant that wants patrons to feel as if they are part of the brewing experience. Instead of having the beer-making area separate from where people are eating, the design company M-Style decided to merge these sections.

The reason why the space is titled District 6 is because of these distinct areas. "The restaurant features six distinct regions: a brew tank area, a beer tank section, an alfresco zone, a front kitchen and public and private dining rooms," states DesignBoom. As such people can enjoy their meals in these different sections, and really get a sense of what goes into the brewing process. Instead of simply sipping on beer, customers receive a bit of education while downing a pint and chatting with friends. Photo Credits: designboom