What Disney Predicted 50 Years Ago

 - Dec 20, 2007   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: random-good-stuff
Either Disney "imagineers" were high when they wrote up their predictions, or technology just hasn't kept up.

If you watch the video clip, you will see what the Walt Disney company anticipated would happen to our future transportation system: heated roads, melting rock to make tunnels, bridges built only of concrete with no support steel, private parking spaces inside offices.

It's a giggle to watch.

Implications - Capitalist societies have a fascination with progression and futuristic designs, and the success of a corporation often depends on its ability to spot an innovation before it happens. As such, designers often like illustrating their personal predictions of the future. Corporations who actively present their products and services in a futuristic manner often times enjoy unsolicited attention from consumers.