The 'Dishonest Abes' Infographic Tells a Tale of Crime

 - Jun 14, 2012
The 'Dishonest Abes: Which State Governments are Most Corrupt' infograph is a fascinating historical view of corruption in the States. Taking information gathered by the University of Illinois over the period of 1976-2010, the graph finds that the District of Columbia (aka. Washington), Louisiana and Illinois are the top three most allegedly corrupted States in the U.S.

The Illinois-focused graph takes a particular look at the Governors of Illinois that have been part of an ongoing pattern of corruption. Since 1970, four Governors have been convicted for various corruption violations. Ultimately, Chicago has been the leader of conviction charges for corrupt politicians, giving it 84% of Illinois' convictions for corruption. The Dishonest Abes graph is an interesting take on the political corruption that plagues Washington and Chicago in particular.