The Discus Dustpan and Brush Improves the Appearance of Interiors in Two Ways

 - Jul 13, 2012
The typical broom is only designed attractive enough to one-up its competitors on the shop shelf. It's rare to see something like the Discus Dustpan and Brush that seems to take some pride in its appearance. Well at least the designer does.

The finished project is unconventionally elegant, comprising a ring-shaped broom that fits neatly into a circular tray. A rich timber is precisely cut and carefully sanded to create these crisp geometries and to show off the gorgeous wood grain patterns on each piece. A slate-toned metal backing complements the texture of the timber components and offsets them with a smart industrial character.

David Robertson's Discus Dustpan and Brush are meant to be stored in the open to double as decorations, gracefully referencing the sophisticated forms of the modern period.