Aidell's Organic Chicken Sausages are Blended with Fruits and Vegetables

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: aidells
Spinach, feta, apple and sun-dried tomatoes are a few of the natural ingredients that can be found in Aidell's assortment of organic dinner sausages. As well as playing a part in creating globally inspired flavors, these ingredient additions help to suggest freshness and a healthy choice for clean eating.

These smoked chicken sausages are free from gluten, nitrates and added hormones, which is emphasized on the front of the product packages. In order to enhance food safety, these sausages are fully cooked and only require a short time to be sauteed, grilled or baked in the kitchen.

Aidell's range of non-organic dinner sausages includes blends of fruits or vegetables and meat, such as Pineapple & Bacon chicken sausages and Spicy Mango with Jalapeño chicken sausages.