The Dinner Digger Food Tool Scoops and Shamelessly Shovels Food

 - Oct 10, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
When a spoon just won't do, the Dinner Digger Food Tool is the only way to go.

The digger is not for those candle-lit dinners with the in-laws, and instead calls for shameless shovelling, spading and excavating of every bit of food and sauce left on the plate. The Dinner Digger Food Tool costs $10, and is shaped like a bulldozing scoop to scoff down anything from your morning cereal to your evening mashed potato and steak. Made from strong and durable plastic, the digger is dishwasher safe.

The digger is an all-in-one tool that adds a touch of humor to the dining table, and is a perfect gift for those who don't see fine dining as their particular cup of tea. For the truly enormous servings or for serving food, the digger is sure to be a hit.