This Upgraded App Features a Dining and Shopping Directory

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: miamitodaynews
The Miami International Airport recently upgraded its app to provide passengers with a dining and shopping directory. Although several airports use beacon-based technology to provide passengers with information about their flights, the technology is seldom used to improve airport retail. This newly upgraded app boasts several features that will improve the airport experience for travelers.

The current app for the Miami International Airport allows users to access their flight information and mark where their vehicle is parked. Since the upgrade, passengers can use the app to access a dinning and shopping directory that is complete with an interactive map. Passengers can even use the 'Around Me' portal to pinpoint their exact location and then view all of the amenities that are within a short walk. The features rely on the airport's existing beacon technology in order to send notifications directly to passengers.

In addition to helping move passengers through each checkpoint, the app also helps passengers enjoy the time they spend at the airport by providing them with detailed information about available amenities.