This Cinema Boasts a From-Scratch Kitchen and Full Bar

The RoadHouse Cinema in Tucson, Arizona, is a dine-in movie theater that boasts a full-service kitchen and bar. While the idea of snacking at the movie theater is nothing new, this cinema provides guests with a more upscale dining option.

At the RoadHouse Cinema guests can indulge in first-run movies while dinning on gourmet meals. Instead of the standard selection of popcorn and candy, the RoadHouse Cinema offers fresh salads, personal pizzas, burgers and other filling options. The cinema is also equipped with a full-bar that allows guests to order craft beers, wine and mixed drinks. To make the service convenient for guests, there are small buttons on each seat that call servers in at any time.

The popularity of the dine-in theater demonstrates a growing demand for a more complete movie theater experience that includes more upscale dining options.