The 'Dina Lamp' Reinforces the Value of Light for Users

 - Apr 6, 2018
References: moakstudio & yankodesign
Artificial illumination is something we take for granted here in the developed world, so the 'Dina Lamp' has been designed to help reinforce the value of it. Designed by Mauricio Sanin and Kelly Durango of the MOAK Studio, the lamp highlights a coin-operated functionality that will reward the user with light for each piece of currency they put in. This creates an instant connection for the user that illumination comes at a cost and that it isn't a given to ensure that they stay mindful of the simple yet essential items around them.

The 'Dina Lamp' highlights an altruistic design that could also be used as a way to support social good endeavors; the coins collected within could be donated rather than re-pocketed to help those who don't have ready access to essentials.