The Digital Security Quiz by SimpliSafe Covers Web Vulnerability

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: simplisafe
The Digital Security Quiz by SimpliSafe examines your state of vulnerability regarding your Internet usage. Whether you're accessing the web off of your computer, phone or tablet, you need to know the basics to keep your information safe and private.

With the vast emergence of social media sites, it's easy to give out too much information about yourself that could quickly fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft, credit card copying and more can be the results that await you from Internet scams that can leave you vulnerable. By simply double-checking the security of your passwords and more, you can better safeguard your online accounts.

To protect your online identity and ensure that you don't miss major red flags, make sure to check out the Digital Security Quiz by SimpliSafe. It's quick, easy and offers some great solutions to help protect you on the Internet.