The Depict Frame Shows Digital Artwork Using Emerging Brush Stokes

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: universaleverything & fastcodesign
The Universal Everything media firm put together a digital portrait that works in conjunction with the brands Depict Frame. The piece features continual movement as digital brush strokes appear and dissolve on the screen creating an illustration of a face in an avant-garde style. The piece is done using a 3D scan of a head that has been previously animated, with the illustration displaying directly onto the Depict Frame. The constant motion to the piece provides an interactive art viewing experience that is modern as well as constantly in flux.

The self-painting portrait is done using animation software that renders the scanned head 3D using digital brush strokes. The strokes appear onto the Depict Frame as if the drawing is being done in real-time, until the strokes dissipate and new ones appear.