This App Combines Hip-Hop Lyrics with the Met’s Digital Gallery

The 'Metropolitan Museum of Art' designed a web app that combines hip-hop lyrics with its digital gallery. While the Met contains one of the world's greatest art collections, it can be difficult to sell younger consumers on the idea of a museum tour. This interactive app aims to draw in a young audience by combining popular rap songs with gallery pieces.

'The Hip Hop Project' is a web-based app that combines hip-hop lyrics with the Met's online collection. To use the app, consumers simply choose their favorite hip-hop artist. The app will then mine lyrics from Genius’s API and match them with the Met's digital gallery. The lyrics are used as keywords, meaning the images that appear correspond to the content of the song playing. The goal of the program is to help the museum reach a younger audience by blending different creative mediums.

The app ultimately provides a new way for consumers to experience what the Met has to offer.