Nikon 'Coolpix eXtreme' Camera Waterproofs In Acute Style

 - Mar 13, 2009
References: & yankodesign
For those prone to adventure but sloppy with their gadgets, Camillo Vanacore suggests the all-weather Nikon Coolpix eXtreme, a waterproof digital camera which protects your unique shots from the unforgiving elements.

The glossy design features a curvy front body and a super-sized LCD on the back panel. Water and dust seem to slip right off, allowing the sleek Coolpix eXtreme to accompany your every endeavor, be it snorkeling in tropical seas or convoying in the desert. But you don’t have to reach the end of the world to enjoy its sporty attitude; the daring digital camera will capture your moody rainy day walk or your windy ride to work, and forgive your carelessness if you let it slip off your hands.

I think it is safe to propose that Nikon hires Camillo Vanacore without more ado and puts the compact waterproof eXtreme straight to production. As soon as it hits the market, such a camera would probably constitute a permanent extension to my hand.