The Different Oven Can be Used as a Toaster and a Stove

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Different Oven is aptly named, but it could have easily been dubbed 'Hybrid Oven' or even 'Double Duty Oven.' It is an appliance that packs in two separate features into one. On a very basic level, the Different Oven can be used as both a toaster and a stove.

Designed by Xu Wei and Qiu Yi Wu, the Different Oven can be left closed and upright. When in this position, it acts as a regular toaster that yields nicely crisped bread. Nevertheless, a person can opt to open it up to reveal a stove top that can also act as a grilling station. In fact, it can cook some eggs on one side and bacon on the other for the perfect breakfast.

The Different Oven is easy to use and conveniently portable.