Diary Girls Offers a Glimpse into the Creative Minds of Artists

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: bullettmedia & itsnicethat
Photographer Maya Fuhr has teamed up with art director Nicole Dagenais to bring us 'Diary Girls,' a collaborative project that captures artists with blown-up entries from their diaries. Previously, Fuhr worked on 'Garbage Girls,' a series which photographed girls in their unapologetically messy boudoirs. This time around, she dares to get a touch more personal, attempting to get inside the minds of these talented artists.

Agathe Snow, Jeanette Hayes and Sara Cwynar, among others, agreed to be shot for the BULLETT Magazine series. These small snatches of inner consciousness -- in the form of random doodles, sketches and introspections -- are incredibly intimate. But because the entries offer no context, they remain mysterious and enigmatic, a voyeuristic glimpse into the life (and soul) of these women.

Whether the entries feature a half-hazardly scrawled confessional of love or a messy self-portrait is unimportant; the true genius behind Diary Girls is the way it portrays its subjects with honesty, vulnerability and flexibility.