The Concept D*Haus Shifts and Changes According to Your Needs

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: thedhaus & treehugger
While insulation, solar cells and an economizing gas meter may certainly cut down on carbon emissions at home, it's designs like the D*Haus that allow homeowners to live in perfect equilibrium with their surrounding environment.

The concept of transformative spaces is being quickly adopted and supported by designers and architects everywhere: Your furniture, gadgets and indeed your entire home should be able to conform to the changing demands of your life and surroundings. The D*Haus puts that creative concept to the test with its under-house rail system that changes the shape and configuration of the abode according to wind patterns, the sun's position and other climate factors. Thus far, however, the concept house is still undergoing troubleshooting, as the D*Haus team figures out how to power the moving edifice and safely conjoin each part.