Habit List Helps You Set Goals and Develop a Habit Over Time

 - Apr 12, 2014
References: itunes.apple & habitlist
Studies show that it takes about 20 days to develop a habit and goal-setting is about 50% more effective if you commit a goal to writing. If you're looking to adopt some kind of new behavior, the Habit List app makes it easy to set, see and stick to goals.

The app is ideal for fostering good habits and cutting out the bad ones. One of the most handy features of the app is its calendar, which shows how many days you've adhered to your goal. This is valuable for looking at progress on a daily basis, as well as tracking long-term trends over entire months and years.

In addition to setting daily goals, Habit List also has a feature for more flexible goal setting, such as if you want to stop buying your lunch three times a week, or work out only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.