This Sabrina Fossi Watch Shows Only Individual Hours

 - Oct 7, 2016
The 'Freakish Watch' created by designer Sabrina Fossi has an unusual face that is minimalist like many other watches are, but are still unique in their design.

The watch is similar to the unique clock created by the same artist and comes in two different colors -- an all black and a yellow and black. They sit on a genuine leather watchband that manages to be as thin and sleek as possible while each of the watch faces are black in color. The black face has a small opening that moves to reveal the hour rather than having a hand that points, while a yellow band moves along with minutes despite the fact that it does not point to any numbers.

The designer Sabrina Fossi has managed to create an accessory that is true to her style, highly unique and suitable for all genders, ages and styles.