mSHAPE's Interactive Furniture Created by You

 - Dec 18, 2008
References: mshape & ifitshipitshere.blogspot
So you’ve always fancied yourself as a furniture designer, thought you could design as good as anything you see in the stores?

Well, now thanks to Swiss Company’s mTABLE, you can do just that. There are few little requirements, like that you must own a Nokia 60 compatible phone to download the application to design your own mTable from’s site, but other than that, it seems simple enough. The tables are offered in multiple sizes and heights, can be constructed of Swiss Walnut or high gloss lacquer, and finished in any number of colors.

The unique aspect of the idea is the ability to sculpt the planes of the surface with 7 "deformers" (tools for sculpting, even creating holes). When you’re ready, submit to mSHAPE.COM. and within about two to three months, you will receive your one-of-kind self-designed numbered table. Check it out and place an order at If It's Hip, It's Here.