The Descript Platform Transcribes Audio Files into Text for Easy Editing

 - Dec 12, 2017
References: descript
For budding podcasters, editing audio is often the biggest barrier to producing quality content, but the Descript platform makes audio editing a task that people of any experience level can handle. The new software turns spoken audio files into text strings that can be edited as easily as one would edit a Microsoft Word document.

Most audio editing programs are created by audio engineers for professional mixers and editors, which means that they're arcane and tough to approach for the average user. However, the average person is almost certainly familiar with editing text. The Descript platform uses AI to transcribe English audio files into text; when users delete phrases from that transcription, the deletion is smoothly incorporated into the audio file itself.

Descript also allows for more precision. The platform offers a waveform layout with each word tagged, and users can dig in to create perfect silence between pauses, crossfades, and every other necessity for natural audio editing.