The 'Puri' Desalinating Bottle Lets You Drink from the Ocean

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: & yankodesign
The 'Puri' desalinating bottle works to let you drink directly from the sea. Designers Minji Kim, Younsun Kim, Byungsoo Kim and Kangkyung Lee created the bottle as a simple solution for those without easy access to a fresh water source. The ingenious bottle was primarily designed to be used in emergency situations by those stranded on a life raft on the ocean.

Puri works by using reverse osmosis. After you fill the first chamber with saltwater, you can generate pressure to begin placing freshwater in the second chamber. This is done through a large pump on the top of bottle. As you press on the pump, clean water rushes into a segregated container. As a result, you can enjoy drinkable water even if you don't have access to any electricity.