These Dental Marketing Posters Reminds That Dentists are Only Human

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: coloribus
Many people are terrified of having to make a trip to the dentist, but these dental marketing ads attempt to remove some of the fear that surrounds going in for a cleaning.

The ads from Finglas Dental Care try to get patients to see dentists in a new light, reminding that they're only human and they're not scary individuals. This is done by suggesting humanizing details about a dentist, such as a need of avocado facial scrub in the morning or keeping a friendly teddy bear named Lord Snugglebottom.

Like going to the dentist, a lot of the medical industry is regarded from a patient perspective with fear. By addressing concerns like feeling weak, sick or afraid through marketing, the public is left feeling more able to overcome these issues and embrace good health.