The 'Demersal Series' by Luka Klikovac Uses Water for a Canvas

 - Apr 22, 2012
References: & thecoolist
The profound underwater art captures entitled the ‘Demersal Series’ by Luka Klikovac uses water as its canvas.

This photographer creates droopy, alien-like forms that slowly diffuse and expand, making a glorious cluster of art. The backdrop is pitch black, which only enhances the luminous hues Klikovac employs. It's mystifying and angelic, as the dense colors unravel to release a bloom of illuminating clouds. The photos capture the fluids as they slowly flow to the bottom, stringing together while twisting and turning to create drastic effects.

The captures in the Demersal Series by Luka Klikovac portray the fluids as extra-terrestrial-like beings. Klikovac’s choice of an underwater setting is beyond perfect, as it creates a more wondrous image to lead viewers to believe these fluids are undiscovered species.