Bryan Cranston Narrates an Emotive Video About Dementia

As social misconceptions of the condition are common, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston stars in a very emotional dementia awareness campaign that seeks to explain how the disease can manifest itself and what impact it can have on the sufferer.

A chilling two-minute clip was created by Aardman Animations, using stop-motion and CGI animation. In the dementia awareness campaign, Alzheimer's Research UK use an analogy to an orange to represent what the brain of a person suffering from the condition can look like. The visuals, combined with Bryan Cranston's poignant narration, evoke feelings of compassion and understanding.

By issuing a plea for people to '#ShareTheOrange,' Bryan Cranston can leverage his popularity and effectively spread the word of the dementia awareness campaign -- that it is "not an inevitability of age," but that it is caused by diseases we can prevent.