China Manned Sub Could Descend to 7000 Meters

 - Mar 10, 2009
China has assembled a manned submersible that could plunge to the deepest level ever, being built to submerge to 7,000 meters.

If the project is successful, it would be a record for a dive for a human being, as 6,500 meters is the deepest level a manned sub has achieved to date.

According to the director of the State Oceanic Administration, Sun Zhihui, the vehicle would be used to search out polar areas and look for natural resources. The sub will be able to carry up to three crew members.

Only a very small number of submersibles even able to dive below a 1,000 meters exist in the world today.

There hasn’t been a decision on when the live testing of the new sub will be, but it is going to happen sometime in 2009.

China also wants to develop a under-sea base station to operate from.