Parts of the Dear Mars Sofa Appear to Orbit Around the Object

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: kimhyunjoo & plusmood
What the Dear Mars Sofa has in common with other, more typical, chesterfields is the cushioned surfaces, the seat, the armrests and the backrest. Interestingly, one's first impression of the collection of furniture is likely to conclude that this is one odd-looking living room item.

Ovals are used to compose three of the surfaces of the couch and the armchair, with two for the sides and one for the rear support. The straight-fronted seat has been sculpted in to join the trio of rounded parts together. When viewed slightly side-on the furnishings vaguely look to have been inspired by the dumbbells and bench press weights that one uses at the gym.

Spacecrafts are what really influenced the futuristic and abstract design of Kim HyunJoo, available in black and white. You'd hardly guess that the core of the Dear Mars Sofa has been constructed of wood, before buffered with sponge and covered with fabric.