The de Badboot Lido Aquatic Center is Built from an Old Ferry

 - May 12, 2012
References: badboot & gizmag
The de Badboot Lido aquatic center is poised to become the longest and most mobile swimming facility in existence. Measuring in at 394 feet (the pool itself composing 131 feet of that space), the impermanent facility is built in Antwerp, Belgium and was designed to provide the utmost in luxury when spending a day by the water.

Constructed from an old 1960s ferry, the lido deck can be moved around the city as necessary -- an interesting design concept that reduces the environmental impact on the space it occupies while saving money in construction costs.

Designed by Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens from the firm SCULP(IT), the center uses LED lighting and self-heating properties to reduce energy consumption. It also aims to be a prominent cold weather hangout and freezes the water in the winter to provide a large, outdoor ice rink.