Davide Bonazzi's Artwork Evocatively Comments on Society

 - May 27, 2014
References: davidebonazzi & abduzeedo
Italian artist Davide Bonazzi's conceptual drawings creatively mix digital art mediums to create pieces that comment and critique common societal behaviors.

Bonazzi's artworks creatively look like paper collages. This is because Bonazzi often scans different textured objects and digitally layers them over one another to create vividly colorful illustrations. In this particular series, Bonazzi's visionary pieces comment on human nature and our lust for money, greed, technology and virtual communication, to name a few. Bonazzi's images cleverly juxtapose multiple recognizable objects to help viewers understand the piece's message. For example, one illustration showcases a faceless man washing a window filled with American dollar bills, perhaps alluding to America's blindness greed for Capitalism and money. Other images depict people as walking iPhones and a man lighting a cigar with a burning soccer field on fire.