From Pizza-Adorned Streetwear to Lifelike Streetmeat Decor

 - Jun 21, 2014
Snack fanatic attire and fast food tech accessories are just some of these many inedible fast food finds. These fashions, art pieces and home decor accessories celebrate one's love for unhealthy eating with a range of bright and deliciously conceived designs.

While novelty home decor shops are designing snack inspired furnishings, the fashion industry is also following suit and presenting fast food couture on international runways. In addition to high fashion, youthful sportwear collections are gaining popularity and are flying off fast fashion retail shelves. These styles often feature an abundance of prints and take inspiration from a wide variety of junk food snacks.

Inedible fast food design is on the rise and satisfies one's craving for unhealthy snacks without the consequence of added calories and pounds.