Artist Ben Frost is Back With Several Package Iconographies

 - May 20, 2014
References: benfrostisdead & beautifuldecay
Artist Ben Frost is back with his playful modern day collaborations of pop culture references with product packagings. Frost creatively turns old McDonald’s containers, Kraft Dinner boxes and pill packages into works of art by drawing and painting iconic pop culture figures overtop.

Frost ingeniously upcycles old, unwanted product packages into beautiful works of art. The pop culture references in all of Frost’s pieces are ones everyone will have fun spotting. The references range a wide multitude of topics such as cartoon characters, famous figures from artwork and notable celebrities. My favorite piece by Frost features a cartoon Superman crying overtop of the iconic red and yellow McDonald’s fries box. The golden arches of the McDonald’s ‘M’ cleverly look like tears streaming down Superman’s face.