Mr. Singh’s Latest Colorful Collages Combine Unrelated Objects

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: wakeupmrsingh & lostateminor
A new series of colorful collages from Mr. Singh have just been released, proving with their strange mashups of unrelated objects that contemporary art can have a seriously quick sense of humor.

One of Mr. Singh’s most memorable pieces in the series is a portrait of a bulldog. However, instead of just a simple representation of a canine companion, Mr. Singh draws the bulldog from pieces of breakfast foods. Not real breakfast foods, but illustrated breakfast foods, making it a painting of several objects, which in turn creates another object. It’s almost like an Inception-style painting.

With these fun and lighthearted portraits, Mr. Singh has proven that modern art can represent everyday objects in a new light. For instance, a human heart can take on the shades of a colorful rainbow, while a bulldog can be created entirely from eggs and toast—it’s an exciting movement.