David Rapoza Brings Brutal Realism to the Ninja Turtle Franchise

 - Jun 7, 2011
References: daverapoza.cghub & ufunk.net
David Rapoza may not be the first to bring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series into a more realistic realm, but his work certainly contains some of the most brutal and battle-worn depictions of the turtles. With visible scars, warts and wrinkles, David Rapoza paints these '90s icons with realism rivaling those the titular turtle characters are named after.

Those interested in how David Rapoza crafted these epic Ninja Turtle drawings can find online videos of Rapoza documenting his process, though he can't teach you how to be talented. Among the characters found in this rad collection are the noble Leonardo, newscaster April O'Neil, the villainous Shredder, the wise Splitter, and fan favorite Casey Jones.

Seeing these awesome illustrations make me want to plan a weekend where all I do is order in pizza while running around with nunchakus and yell out "Cowabunga."