GroomU Gives Essential Advice on Dating for Gentlemen

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: groomu & bitrebels
This clever infographic shows how dating for gentlemen can result in a much more loving Valentine’s Day for both parties.

Much of the advice in this infographic from GroomU, a male grooming company, is generally common sense. Still, sometimes even the best of us need to be reminded of common sense, especially ones that can get you either a date or show a significant other how much they mean to you. Speaking of common sense, anybody embarking on dating for gentlemen needs to remember the cardinal rule: don’t forget the date or what you have planned for the date. According to the infographic, men are much more forgetful than women are, so a true gentleman will go to any length to ensure he remembers the little details.

If all else fails, the infographic also encourages a gentleman to fight a shark with bare hands to asset his manliness. I think fighting a shark barehanded is more likely than a guy remembering a special occasion, but that’s just me.