Datenklau from Dialog05 is a Techtastic Social Statement

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: dialog05 & walyou
The bar for functional social statements has just been raised up another notch with the Datenklau from Dialog05. Datenklau is a USB in the shape of a crowbar, a badass design on its own until you consider the message behind it.

Datenklau from Dialog05 is meant to represent digital theft. When it comes to stealing anything from a computer, be it movies, music or even an identity, a USB stick is often a thief's weapon of choice. What better way to make social commentary on societies increasing propensity for digital theft than with a USB stick shaped like a crowbar? I'm loving this statement-making USB and hope that Dialog05 at the very least gives the Datenklau a limited release.